Our Business

For many years, Archi-Médic has offered transcription services in english and french to multiple hospitals in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British-Columbia as well as the United States (mostly medical imagery and medical expertise clinics). Over 5 million lines of text are transcribed every year by our secretaries and this volume has been steadily rising thanks to new clients joining us every year.

Multiple medical archivists are also a part of our team; this gives us the opportunity to offer hospitals analysis and medical coding services. Since our inception, we have coded over 100,000 medical documents. Our service is extremely flexible and is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Our primary objective is the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients. To achieve this, we ensure that we fully understand what is at stake in order to provide the best solutions. It is because of our dedication to our clients that we have recently launched our new Tele-Health service. This coaching service intends to support employees that are afflicted with chronic diseases. This service also compliments our vaccination and blood sample clinics that we offer to businesses. This service allows us to offer in-house nurses for your business.