Medical file coding

Experienced archivists

Since our inception our experienced archivists have coded more than 150 000 files to government standards.

Our team’s can work directly from your archives department or remotely. Our clients entrust our services to code their files according to government standards, consequently allowing them to :

  • Catch up on backlog;
  • Meet government deadline to supply complete data;
  • Avoid future backlog and control cost.

Why choose Archi-Medic for your medical coding needs ?


  • Our archivists have coded more than 150 000 medical files;
  • We only hire experience archivist and most cumulate many years of experience.


  • Our reputation precedes us to quickly put a team together and tackle the task at hand even in remote area;
  • All client requests are managed within 24 hours or less;
  • Company managers are available 7 days a week to handle any emergencies.


  • Our coding statistics are superior to our competition;
  • All work done by our archivists is supervised by a team leader;
  • We have implemented a rigorous quality control process that assure that every file is coded according to government standards.

Safety & Security

  • All employees adhere to a very strict code of conduct and confidentiality;
  • We do not subcontract to any foreign or domestic sub contractor; therefore, all data always remain in Canada;
  • Dedicated certified IT team that ensure that all remote work is safe and efficient.

Our team’s can work directly from your archives department or remotely. Please do not hesitate to contact us.